is a game where you are trying to save your dog girlfriend within a maze.

But be careful, the evil humans want to imprision you in a animal shelter.

Will you reach the end?

Right now following thinks are implemented:

  • 4 Levels
  • Talent System
  • Respawn Mechanic
  • 5 Items / Armor / Weapons
  • Battle System
  • Vendor
  • 4 Different background music pieces

The Game gets constantly updated and new stuff added.

Please consider that this is the second game i have ever created and that it's in pre Alpha Stage now..

If you find some bugs feel free to write them down in the comment section, i will try to do my best to fix as many of them as possible!

Since i am working alone on this project it may take some time to respond or fix bugs. (sorry)

I look forward to your feedback and hopefully you have fun playing the game!

Development log

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